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Product magazine

Product weekly issue 236

Release time:2019-08-16 14:32:57      hit count:1829


Article: SCS-71

Component: 100% Poly

Specification: 50S*150D T400

Yarn specification available:50S cotton/ Full-dull 3KG

In this period, we bring scs-71 ? super imitation cotton fabric. This product adopts the 50S sc-71 raw material independently developed by our company and the parallel type dacron high-elastic silk sizing, and adopts the stable and lively 2/2 twill tissue. The surface texture of the fabric is even, oblique clear, shiny and soft, cotton feeling and warm feeling prominent, body bone and feel good; Double-sided mechanical elasticity, skin-friendly shaping. Readymade garments are elegant and elegant. They are the ideal material for women's shirts, windbreaker and trousers of fast fashion brands.


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