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Green smart

GRS authentication

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In the first half of 2018, Xuzhou Rongsheng textile finishing Co., Ltd. (Dyer) and Xuzhou Rongshengda fiber products Technology Co., Ltd. (Textile), the subsidiaries of Jiangsu silk group, have successfully passed the GRS certification of global recycling standard and obtained the certificate, which is in line with the "direct opening" of the international environmental protection market. The two companies are qualified for textile and printing processing of recycled fiber textiles, and can To provide customers with GRS products recognized by the world; under this premise, the company has expanded its business in depth and started to establish in-depth cooperation after passing the inspection and certification of international brands.

I. what is GRS certification

GRS certification is the abbreviation of the global recycling standard for textile and clothing, and the verification standard established by the certification body of the international environmental protection management Union (Cu) for recycled fibers. In addition to standardizing the source of raw materials, the validation standard also standardizes the wastewater treatment and chemical use in the production process.

II. Benefits of GRS certification

Through GRS certification, on the one hand, the company has the opportunity to be included in the procurement list of international buyers and world famous enterprises, and has also taken a solid step towards internationalization of the enterprise; on the other hand, it has improved the market competitiveness of "green" and "environmental protection" of the enterprise, and enhanced the brand value and influence of the enterprise.

III. GRS certification threshold

It is not so easy to obtain GRS certificate. Application for GRS certification must meet the requirements of traceability, environmental protection, social responsibility, label and general principles.

IV. SRK group has obtained GRS certification

The successful passing of GRS certification shows that SRK group always adheres to the sustainable development road of scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and green environmental protection, and the achievement of GRS certification is also the recognition of the company's long-term work in quality management, environmental management, chemical control, and social responsibility.

V. international brand cooperation

In addition to external processing, our company has begun to cooperate with many European and American brands in renewable polyester products development, proofing and mass production of spring / summer 2019, including international brands such as J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, loft and gap. Let's join hands to practice and work together for the road of sustainable development!

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