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Lean management

Lean production meeting brief April

Release time:2019-04-30 18:40:37      hit count:1635

On the evening of April 3, 2019, a regular lean production meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the group training building. The meeting was attended by the chairman, lawyer sun, the production department, product development management department, finance department, information department, enterprise development department, sales department, the person in charge of the warehouse, the assistant or above management personnel and members of the project team. First of all, the team reported in March for the lean production and lean management of the department work, secondly the workshop managers report to the regional lean production work in March, then each department head report for the project team, workshop management personnel mentioned in the problem solution is given and report all the work in March and April work plan;

Remarks by lawyer sun:

First, in this lean production meeting, the quality of PPT production in some departments has been significantly improved, but there are still a few departments whose PPT production quality is still the same. We hope that the personnel administration department should take a good look at it, and all those whose production quality fails to meet the standard will be returned. In addition, the report of overtime today much more special, it shows that there is still room for improvement, your ability to summarise at the same time there is a small group at the time of reporting whether speed, voice and expression ability are not short of a management standard, hope everyone at the time of reporting to passion, with appeal, the report should play a proper role, hope that the next time we can change the meeting.

Secondly, it is hoped that all managers can truly understand the connotation of lean production work, and apply it to the actual work, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of production and reduce the cost. If we adopt a coping attitude, then this work will not be done well. Company has been stressed that the lean production management, at the 2019 internal marketization of deeper and more comprehensive promotion, the company put forward three years plan of action, this is company to a life of the workforce planning, self-improvement, realizes the self-value opportunities and platforms, so I hope you treasure this opportunity, through their efforts to really embody self-value, hope you can understand, highly ideological attentively complete these work, every month can have progress, this is what we want, thank you.

Important instructions from the chairman:

First, why did the company persist in holding lean meetings for so many years? In order to learn from each other and improve each other, every month to provide you with the opportunity to improve and change you. In the first year or two, the progress is really great, but after so many years, it is actually regressive, so starting from this year, the lean meeting must have a fundamental change, otherwise it is a waste of time. I hope that everyone present here must cherish this opportunity every month and do not treat the meeting as a deal.

Second, take advantage of the opportunity of today's lean meeting, and again to emphasize: safety production must be put in the first place! This paragraph of time jiangsu produced many accident of safety, these accident of safety are to come from the oversight in the job, do not take seriously cause, accordingly, no matter do what job, safety must be put in the first place, in the job absolutely allow existence a little bit careless and paralytic careless!

Third, once again, and we emphasize "three years plan" put forward by the company, the company put forward the plan in order to cultivate talents, hope everyone can seize this opportunity, a few years later can cultivate a group of high-tech talent, the personnel administration department should strengthen the propaganda work of this project, let the people who want to do things carefully, do things by this opportunity to achieve success, therefore, the "action plan" three years good anyway.

Fourth, this year, the internal market must be more in-depth development, the heads of all departments to do their own work as the boss, through the reform, learn new things and apply to the actual work. We must study the new system and the new reform plan earnestly, and do our work well. Thank you very much!

The report and evaluation results of lean production regular meeting are as follows:

(1) zhou chao, manager of the second stage of textile production department, won the first prize in the field report score and was awarded 200 yuan;

(2) xu yuanbang, process director of ammunition adding production workshop, will be penalized 100 yuan for the last spot report score.

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