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Lean management

Lean production meeting brief in March

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At 18:30 PM on March 3, 2019, a regular lean production meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the group training building. The meeting was attended by the chairman, lawyer sun, the production department, product development management department, finance department, information department, enterprise development department, sales department, the person in charge of the warehouse, the assistant or above management personnel and members of the project team. First of all, the team reported in February for the lean production and lean management of the department work, secondly the workshop managers report to the regional lean production work in February, then each department head for project team, workshop management reporting the problems mentioned in solving measures and report the work in February and march work plan; Yang pengcheng, manager of hr administration department, made a simple summary of lean production management in each factory in February: 1. We are in the era of information explosion, so we need to strengthen our study; 2. 2. Strengthen self-management; 3. The personnel administration department will strengthen the density and width of training in various aspects such as skills, staff quality, ideology and morality; 4. We will carry out a special inspection of "replacing old warehouse with new one" according to the relevant system of the company;

Remarks by lawyer sun:

First, first of all, I would like to emphasize the issue of discipline in the meeting. During the meeting, there are still various sounds emitted by mobile phones. As a manager, I would like you to remember that discipline is the reflection of your working attitude. Lean production management work, in the first quarter of skill competition, comparison, sample area comparison class meeting is coming to an end, you have to be serious organization, form to innovate, to pursue the quality of the game, in addition to the field project must join the relevant theoretical knowledge of written examination, one enterprise department in the process of organization to supervise heavily in written, must achieve the unity of employees, management personnel should be so; Administrative departments that highlight business skills may also organize skill competitions.

Second, since the Spring Festival driving, in addition to the first phase of quality in a stable progress, the factory are in a state of unstable quality. According to the unstable and fluctuating quality in the production process of each factory, the department heads of each factory should try their best to carry out research activities to thoroughly solve the problem of unstable quality, ensure the steady improvement of quality, and maintain a high level at the same time.

Third, the cost of each factory area is on the high side, how to find ways to reduce the cost to meet or lower than the target designated by the company, as a manager, the quality cost is to be focused on, to explore the potential through efforts to create benefits for the company.

Fourth, the new product development is the most important work, is an innovation for us this year, from aggregation to spinning, and weaving, printing and dyeing, you have to twist into a rope, unity, up and down as soon as possible to complete the development of new products proofing work, put the new product to market, sales department, if successful, to us, group will be a metamorphosis, time is very important for us now, hope you can deeply realize the importance of this matter.

Fifth, innovation work you must be serious and sustained development, the first two months or some department did not in accordance with the company to complete the declaration of innovative assessment index, have a plenty of in order to avoid the inspection done reluctantly, innovation quality can not meet the company requirement, so hope you can from the heart attaches great importance to this work, the real will each innovation for you change the way work method, improve the quality of products, so we hope you can understand the concept of innovation. In addition, the entry of new worker more, after people enterprise department should not only do the pre-service training of this, the new worker hired after a period of time to arrange the training in rotation, to the company's regulations, labor discipline, the lean production management system, tools at a deeper level of training, each department, workshop for the staff involved in product knowledge, technological characteristics, equipment performance, operation process and standards, as well as the relevant rules and regulations and in the workshop work demands for training, as soon as possible to let employees understand the company system, adapt to the environment and the management of the company, and hope these work everyone should intensify efforts to, earnestly, In the PPT report just now, there are problems in the work of various departments. I hope the heads of relevant departments can carefully summarize and analyze the problems and solve them as soon as possible. I hope you can listen carefully at every lean meeting, learn from each other and think carefully, and then apply good things to the workshop to improve the lean work results of the department. Thank you!

Important instructions from the chairman:

First, lean meeting opened for so many years, lean report must be returned to the content of the lean production, 6 s management content to do it, that must be reported to the questions how to solve more report, report more detailed, more accurate as possible, don't ask questions, how to solve not below are not enough, the effect of the ratings and lean meeting this year is to see what measures are put forward after the problem is solved and the solution method, and the problems of rectification to limit time. I highlighted this issue at the end of last year, and I hope this year's report will reflect your changes.

Second, there is still a gap in the reporting level of each department. A good department report will be wonderful, because what is reported is accumulated bit by bit in daily life. Therefore, every meeting is a self-review. So come to the meeting with your heart, not your head.

Third, for the management of the warehouse, the financial department should be good to catch up, the warehouse is a very important department, out of the report to be accurate, the usual management should be serious, strict, in view of the number of workers in the warehouse, today I point to name, to reform! Must seriously change! Change it completely! Hope to see good results in the future.

Fourthly, due to the changes in the overall market environment, this year the company has formulated a "three-year action plan" on the existing basis, which must be carried out. The main contents of the "three-year action plan" are: 1. 2. Reform and innovation; 3. Pay close attention to quality and reduce cost; Talent development means that all managers must produce a person who matches your current position within three years. If they do not, they will not enjoy the promotion, promotion and salary increase of the company. Reform and innovation refers to: dare to deny themselves, dare to cut off their tail; Quality is the most fundamental guarantee for an enterprise. If there is no quality, let alone development. These three tasks must undergo qualitative changes over the past three years, and they must be fully implemented. No matter how much resistance, difficulty and uncertainty there may be, they must be done. Today, I will use this meeting to make the current market situation clear. I hope that we can work together on the "three-year action plan" formulated by the company, do our own jobs well, and grow up together with the company. Thank you very much!

The report and evaluation results of lean production regular meeting are as follows:

(1) zhou chao, manager of the second stage of textile production department, wen zhigang, assistant to the director of the second stage of textile equipment, ranked first in the on-site report score, with 100 yuan for each;

(2) zhou xiaolin, manager of the sales department of north jiangsu, ranked the last in the on-site report and was penalized 100 yuan.

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