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Lean management

Lean work briefing in October

Release time:2019-10-21 18:47:22      hit count:1672

At 19:00 on October 3, 2019 in the evening on the group training floor lecture hall on the second floor held a lean work regular meeting, the chairman, sun lawyer, three factory production department, qc department, financial department, information development department, purchasing department, sales department, r&d department, warehouse and assistant managers and above, head of the key project team members and other departments to develop a target to attend the meeting. First of all, the team reported in September for the lean production and lean management of the department work, secondly the workshop managers report to the regional lean production in September, then each department head for the project team, workshop management report mentioned in the problem solution is given and report the work in September and October work plan; Finally, the chairman and lawyer sun made a summary speech to the meeting.

Remarks by lawyer sun:

First, for the PPT preparation of this report, I would like to reiterate that the PPT of the project team should include the case sharing related to lean inspection in that month, and each department should include the profit and loss situation of the department's production efficiency, cost and company indicators in that month. Except for aggregation, other departments did not report these problems. Compared with September and August, the progress of most factories is obvious. Only the dye factory lost about 20,000 yuan in September and August, which should not be done. The aggregate profit in September was about 15,000 yuan, while the total loss of other departments was about 1.15 million yuan. Although compared with August, the improvement was relatively obvious, compared with the target of the company, the company still suffered a loss of 1.15 million yuan. I hope you will work hard against the company's indicators in October to keep the loss within 500,000 yuan and keep it flat by the end of the year.

Second, the company has always emphasized that lean work should be carried out around the core work of your department, and the ultimate purpose is to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and truly achieve reduction of staff and efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction. These work and talent training, team building work are inseparable. After every meeting, you should seriously summarize and reflect, carry out and maintain what you have done well, and take measures for thorough rectification if you have done poorly. Every meeting should achieve the purpose of the meeting and get the results we want. After the meeting, it is hoped that the personnel administration department will select and make excellent PPT and send it to all participants for study, so as to improve our PPT production level, learn the good work done by others, and compare how to improve and improve the department. In particular, it is necessary to timely rectify and put in place the problems existing in the department.

Third, after the whole September, there was still a gap between the data of the production department and the target set by the company, and the inventory also increased by more than 1,000 tons. So on October production to improve production quality, and the effect of gripper, make quality products come out to our sales department to provide the guarantee of quality, the sales department for now huge inventories, ensure the production and marketing of the product in balance, on the basis of to look for ways to reduce inventory, especially the old inventory stored in dye house, to ensure that the company's cash flow. According to the company's full-year lean production index, now only in the final quarter, hope everyone against the company lean production performance measures of the development of the early, in the last quarter, whether sample area comparison, comparison, class meeting or the mass production efficiency, cost of inspection data, make sure that in the last quarter. The most critical is the production and sales indicators, we hope that in the last quarter sprint, to meet or exceed the company's indicators, for the development of the company next year, to develop a better annual production and business planning indicators.

Important instructions of the chairman:

First, as mentioned in the last meeting, the production cost and purchase price reported by the chemical fiber factory are always not in line with those reported by the warehouse. This time, it is still the case. If such situation occurs again in the future, I will personally check with the audit department and the enterprise management department.

Second, whether the production department, warehouse and purchasing, and must report the clear often use the cost of production price, each department should report the purchase price for the month and the comparison of last month, I again, next time if there is still no report of these questions, the personnel administration department to return the PPT all to produce. Since sitting here for a meeting, it must be useful, not to cope with. I hope every lean meeting can be improved and improved. The sales department will report how much profit it brings to the company every month. This is what I want to add.

The report and evaluation results of lean production regular meeting are as follows:

(1) zhai feng, the manager of the second day shift of textile industry, won the first prize in on-site report score and was awarded 200 yuan;

(2) zhu huirong, manager of the south purchasing department, ranked the last in the score of on-site report, and was fined 100 yuan.

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