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Lean management

Lean work briefing September

Release time:2019-09-30 18:46:24      hit count:1629

On September 4, 2019 in the evening a bondmaid, the group training floor lecture hall on the second floor held a lean work regular meeting, the chairman, sun lawyer, three factory production, product development department, financial department, information development department, purchasing department, sales department, warehouse and assistant, head of the above management personnel and key project team members and other departments to develop a target to attend the meeting. First of all, the team reported in August for the lean production and lean management of the department work, secondly the workshop managers report to the regional lean production in August, then each department head for project team, workshop management report mentioned in the problem solving measures and report the work in August and September work plan; Finally, the chairman and lawyer sun made a summary speech to the meeting.

Remarks by lawyer sun:

First, in the aspect of PPT making, the textile factory PPT is the best in all departments, especially the phase I front road and the production department make the most progress. Their PPT contains the summary of problems, the analysis of reasons and the measures to solve them. After the meeting, the personnel department should send the excellent PPT to everyone as a reference template for communication and learning.

Second, all departments to lean production management reporting around your department's core work content to report, around the production department to produce quality, cost, efficiency, waste percentage, the indicators of lean production and innovation work, improve work, skills contest, field management, maintenance and so on related work, the sales department report to revolve around the sales target, other departments around the content of your core work of the department report, must have data contrast and charts, department, factory, workshop in the process of work of actual earnings should have clear data contrast, for practical problems have to be serious, Then seriously and really carry out cause analysis, there should be real solutions, and there should be a time node to complete the rectification work. The actual purpose of lean production management is how to improve efficiency, create benefits, let employees develop good work habits and improve their comprehensive quality. Therefore, I hope that the report on lean production management must focus on these contents.

Third, the problems reflected in the use of erp system of dyeing factory mentioned by the project team in the report just now indicate that the production department still has chaos and disorder in the production management, and the company does not allow long-term existence in the current state. What is intelligence? Is the system to replace the human brain, data instead of artificial, hope all the managers must keep up with the pace of The Times, information development and at the same time the personnel administration department to do a good job related technical services, supervision and inspection work, everybody wants to make progress together, true according to the company's planning and intend to eventually achieve the company the desired results.

Fourthly, xinyi environmental protection bureau will arrange relevant staff to review the environmental protection acceptance of the dye factory recently. We should maintain the work after rectification and cooperate with the review to ensure the acceptance. Zhu yanwei proposed the joint establishment of the factory area welding group, the head of the mechanical and electrical department of each factory area first held a meeting to discuss the feasibility, and will report the relevant plan.

Fifthly, the company has been carrying out lean production management for many years. We want to truly link the marketization and efficiency of your department, and bring benefits to the company and you personally through these works, so as to achieve a win-win situation. Thank you.

Important instructions of the chairman:

First, in the report just now, I found that there are two data anomalies. One is the completion of the output of SPH factory in August reported by the project team; the other is that the money saved in August reported by the spinning bomb production department is not in line with the amount less received by the warehouse. All your statistics should not only be reported, I hope you can check them carefully after the meeting.

Second, the company has been advocating innovation, one thing I mention, for the innovation to declare the personnel administration department is better after a good tracking, what is the result after tracking, is there to create benefits, have than the original has produced many more benefits after the innovation, must be the conclusion and data, with data, it is valuable. If innovation creates greater benefits for the company, the reward should be rewarded and the applicant should feel recognized.

Third, now many enterprise management of mobile phone has become more and more strict, because now the amount of information is too big, especially young people, as long as the body with take out mobile phone must have intention to not intentional of see, the work and the safety has great influence, although our company mobile phone management already has for several years, but so far real mobile management in place is very few, I hope each department, carry on the work seriously, head of the personnel administration department to strictly carry out the inspection.

Fourth, the company the excessive loss of A total of 5.07 million in August, rongsheng for A period exceeding loss of 391308 yuan, rongsheng excess of second phase loss of 219254 yuan, chemical fiber and old spinning paint loss of 588532 yuan, new chemical fiber spinning POY products exceed the loss of 255094 yuan, new chemical fiber spinning polyester FDY such excessive loss of 138949 yuan, plus overweight loss of 921059 yuan, excessive loss 2161814 polymerization A line, line B excessive loss of 48864 yuan, dye house paint loss of 245367 yuan, A total of 5070231 yuan, So I'm here today to give you the data, the market is not good, if we can't do our own internal things well, then how can we survive in the future? What is the goal of lean for so many years? So since August company requirements we want to put these calculated data, about how much money we don't sale in the market, but our standard cost, production quality, and the effect we can control, so every time after the lean meeting these data I will report the work, although you very hard, but still want to have a good contrast, we go the whole hog so hard every day for the sake of what, exactly have value, hope to open next month lean meeting these data will reduce and disappear, this is I want to see, that you want to see is, thank you.

The report and evaluation results of lean production regular meeting are as follows:

(1) zhang yan, deputy manager of the first stage production department of textile, won the first prize in the field report score and was awarded 200 yuan;

(2) zhu huirong, manager of the south purchasing department, ranked the last in the score of on-site report, and was fined 100 yuan.

Notice: please send the experience of lean production meeting to the leader and copy to the personnel administration department before the end of work on September 6. If you fail to send it on time, you will be penalized 50 yuan/person

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