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Lean management

Lean production regular meeting brief July

Release time:2019-07-31 18:45:18      hit count:1652

On the evening of July 3, 2019, a semi-annual lean production meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the group training building. The meeting was attended by the chairman, lawyer sun, the production department, product development management department, finance department, information development department, purchase department, sales department, the person in charge of the warehouse, the assistant or above management personnel and members of the project team. First of all, the team reported in the first half of all work of the lean production and lean management of the department work, second in the first half of the workshop managers to report the regional lean production work, and then each department head report for the project team, workshop management personnel mentioned in the problem solution is given and reporting in the first half of the work and in the second half of the work plan; Finally, the chairman and lawyer sun made a summary speech to the meeting.

Remarks by lawyer sun:

First, all be incorporated in the talent cultivation plan, three years later whether lean meeting, quarterly summary commendation meeting, monthly training has to attend, head of the personnel administration department and other departments to communicate, notification in place, in addition to the focus of the various departments to develop a target, after consideration by the head of the department of culture value talent can also let them to attend the meeting.

Second, personnel in the daily inspection, in addition to the original lean production management involved in the project, be sure to join the security, fire control, environmental protection and other aspects of inspection, the production process of all people except to do a good job of lean production management, safety production, fire control and environmental protection must be through the daily work, in the process of examination, the personnel department to combine early company develop the detailed daily check for rewards and punishment, check the recurring problems to organize employee training and education in a timely manner.

Third, we are still at the stage of innovation declaration. We hope that we can make innovations in our minds and expand the scope of innovation declaration. Model innovation, product innovation, technological innovation, process innovation and method innovation can all be declared and various innovations should be made. We must seriously understand the concept of innovation, around your actual work to carry out innovation, new product proofing work to increase efforts, to complete the proofing of various new products as soon as possible, to complete the adjustment of product structure, sales department to increase the promotion of new products.

Fourth, all department heads to aiming at the problems of the department to compare with brother unit, as well as horizontal comparison, also want to longitudinal comparison, draw lessons from brothers unit doing good things, for this department doing bad aspects carefully to open a meeting, how to take effective measures to improve and improve, at the same time for the second half of each month there should be a phased target, internal issued periodic task, take relevant measures of rewards and punishment, our own urge to give herself, competing with each other, make progress together. In the first half of this year, both the production department and the sales department did not complete the tasks assigned by the company, so how to improve the performance in the second half of the year, how to combine the three new systems issued on June 30, and how to work hard? For enterprises, performance is king, there is no benefit, for enterprises only death.

Fifthly, the three-year talent training plan has been implemented for three months. In July, the training objects should be evaluated periodically, and it is hoped that each department can practice them in the second half of the year, improve their comprehensive quality, focus on team construction, and improve the management level and professional skills of the whole team. This task is arduous, we must do this job well, which is also the basis of the survival and development of enterprises. From July each department, especially in the production of a line department, without any increase in preparation to set on the basis of lean steering division, trainers and other positions, up to three years to develop a target to part-time, give them opportunities to exercise and improve, will they grow into your right-hand man, and will be reported to the relevant personnel list to the ministry of personnel, facilitate the butt on the job, we should down-to-earth to do a good job of lean production management together. thank you

Important instructions of the chairman:

First, the completion of the first half of the performance and the company plans to target a big gap, the second half of the year for the first half of the year did not complete the goal to make up for, as far as possible close to the company's target, the influence of the environment in the second half of the estimated that would be much better, this is an opportunity for us, by us so long time of new product development, the second half of the year is a time when we blossom, at present our products have been recognised by the market, no problem as long as the quality of the product, so sales is not a problem for certain, so we must seize the opportunity to expand our production capacity, to ensure our quality, through the transformation and upgrading of products, Replace the less profitable product.

Second, the company in the second half of the year made a major adjustment in the system, as long as all departments can do things, good deeds can get more income. This adjustment divides income into three parts: basic salary, assessment salary and reward salary. Basic salary is fixed salary, assessment salary is half of the original salary as assessment, and reward salary is extra commission salary. So you go to the well control file, do a good job in the department, will harvest more, all resources are inclined to do things, do good people, because they really create the benefits for the company, this is due to return, I hope you can according to the company to develop the new system to change, to realize their own value, reflect your talents.

Third, before the end of the future meeting should be on the spot to inform and punish the late meeting, the management will be late for the meeting, this is not allowed. In addition, I hope that our lean production meeting can be changed to lean work meeting, which can better meet the theme and requirements of our meeting. thank you

The report and evaluation results of lean production regular meeting are as follows:

(1) zhang yan, deputy manager of the first stage production department of textile, won the first prize in the field report score and was awarded 200 yuan;

(2) zhu huirong, manager of purchasing department, will be penalized 100 yuan for ranking the last in on-site report.

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