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Lean management

Lean production meeting briefing in May

Release time:2019-05-31 18:41:24      hit count:1596

On the evening of May 3, 2019, a regular lean production meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the group training building. Lawyer sun, the production department, product development management department, finance department, information development department, purchase department, sales department, the person in charge of the warehouse, assistant or above management personnel and members of the project team attended the meeting. First of all, the team reported in April for the lean production and lean management of the department work, secondly the workshop managers report to the regional lean production work in April, and then each department head for the project team, workshop management report mentioned in the problem solution is given and various work report in April and may work plan; Finally, lawyer sun made a summary speech to the meeting.

Remarks by lawyer sun:

First, the lean meeting has been carried out for many years, I hope you can understand the meaning of lean production management and what to report at the meeting. Lean meeting is to be around the lean production management work content, including mass effect, subject to improve production, problems and solutions, around about how to develop new products, improve product quality, increase sales, innovative work, the task of target required by the company each department how is done by lean production management means, around these issues to report, hope in the next month the weak sector can improve and progress.

Second, after preliminary review, more than half of the innovation points declared by each department are unqualified, which shows that the current innovation quality is very poor! I hope you can understand what the spirit of innovation advocated by the company is. First of all, it is necessary to innovate ideologically. Innovation includes many aspects: management model innovation, marketing model innovation, process innovation, equipment innovation, product innovation and so on. Innovation culture can determine the fate of enterprises, not only limited to the "point" above innovation, to carry out "surface" above innovation! For the ability to put forward "surface" above innovation, and create great benefits for the company's special talent, the company will be promoted, focus on training!

Third, each factory lean check mark is generally decline in April, hope that all managers can really attaches great importance to this work, 6 s, lean work is the need to maintain to do well for a long time, hope the lean production management of 2019 in 2018 must have progress and improve, on the basis of the force of personnel check should be increased, must help all departments jointly improve, really do workers "saving energy and reducing consumption, increase efficiency", truly create value for the company. Now it has been may, will soon be related to the class meeting evaluation, skills competition, sample area evaluation, we must seriously carry out do not have to deal with the psychological. In addition, although poplar catkins is greatly reduced than before, the work of poplar catkins prevention still needs to be done seriously.

Fourth, about the talent cultivation plan "of the" three years work again, I must pay attention to the objects of the former one, the first "attitude, we should cultivate the talents of having both ability and political integrity, character must be correct, good working attitude, strong execution, sacrifice and team consciousness, if does not meet these standards, even if the ability is strong and resolute don't train again.

Fifthly, training is an important work for the sustainable development of enterprises. We must build a learning team instead of always relying on previous experience. Learning includes many aspects, including the study of the system, the study of new product technology knowledge, the study of market situation analysis, the study of corporate culture, the company's development strategy blueprint to understand, and so on. We must help all employees improve their professional quality and improve the comprehensive quality of our team.

The report and evaluation results of lean production regular meeting are as follows:

(1) zhai feng, the manager of the white shift of textile equipment in the second stage, won the first prize in on-site report score and was awarded 200 yuan;

(2) zhu huirong, manager of purchasing department, will be penalized 100 yuan for ranking the last in on-site report.

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